My Awakening

Gooday and Welcome to My World
I was born in 1952 and experienced physical and mental abuse as a child. By the age of twelve, I was also sexually abused by a neighbour. By age fourteen, I was wagging school and out of control. By age sixteen, I was homeless, living on the streets and in […]

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Shamanic View of Mental Illness

Spiritual Emergence
The terms Spiritual Emergency and Spiritual Emergence have come to my attention in recent times. There is no doubt that I have experienced spiritual emergency in what I call my ‘dark’ years (1982-1997) – I just didn’t know what to call it! The first emergency was in 1982 and I had no idea what […]

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Recovery from Addiction

I struggled with drug and alcohol abuse all through my preteen and teenage years, and part of my young adulthood. I still remember the first time I got drunk. I was only nine years old, but the memory is as vivid as if it were yesterday. I was at a family party, I was curious […]

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Near Death Experience (NDE) Narrative

I have no memory prior to the events that led up to my NDE. My husband, John, is a retired United States Marine who served 23 years active duty, now retired and disabled since January 2015.
I don’t remember wanting to overdose or even feeling depressed just prior to my overdose on September 29, 2015. I […]

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Journaling as Mindfulness Practice: An Alternative to Meditation

Wisdomfeed is a mindfulness and wellness news site and content hub, dedicated to providing you thought-provoking and life-expanding media. This was written by Shannon Cantrell.

Two months after I had my first child I was hit with post-partum depression hard. It happened all at once and consumed my life for another two months after. I knew the […]

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Mindfulness for Children

We need your help to prepare a series of weekly mindfulness lessons for children to cover the school year in 2017. Our research is complete and we have enough material to make 36 lessons a reality (9 in each term). The lessons will be made available to teachers and parents who have chosen home schooling. Each […]

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The Mindful Way CD

I am working on The Mindful Way CD. Feedback welcome!
Do you have a story to tell? How mindfulness has transformed your life or how mindfulness has made a difference in your school? Please make a difference and submit your story to:
Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always! – John Shearer, Mindfulness Master

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Blog from a Teacher

My name is Hayley Mckenzie and I am a Primary School Teacher of five years. I am writing this letter because I have recently begun learning about and practising meditation and mindfulness, both in my own life and in the classroom. As I have been relief teaching for the last year, I have not had […]

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From Addiction to Writing a Kids Meditation Story

I too have a passion for mindfulness and meditation.  My path started early because my mum is a yoga teacher and my dad was trying various meditations when I was a child. I was introduced to those techniques at a young age.

However, life happened and I went off track. I started drinking as a teenager […]

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“My limbs are like palm trees

Swaying in the breeze

My body’s an oasis

To drink from as you please

I’m not seeing what I’m meant to believe in

Your non excuse for human being

“The image is no images

It’s not what it seems”

Soixsie and the Banshees, Mirage, 1978.


It was 1978 and the punk scene was exploding and my first ever […]

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