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Our vision is world mental health without medication.

The western world needs far less medication and heaps more mentors. (Mentor means a wise and trusted counsellor, teacher or coach.) Medications certainly have their place when peoples lives are out of control. Our vision is aimed more at people as they recover and especially as they present themselves to doctors. Mindfulness is now proven to be an excellent alternative to medication.

Our mission is love, peace and happiness through the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment with kindness. The practice of mindfulness is noticing that you have been distracted, most likely with thoughts about the past or future, and then bringing your awareness back to the present moment over and over again, until it becomes an embedded way of being. Peace of mind and happiness follow.

Our objective is to lobby for mindfulness in schools.

We need to teach our children how to think, not so much what to think. We need to teach children how to handle difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions as they arise. This would drastically reduce stress, anxiety and depression in later life, especially HSC time. It would also help reduce bullying and anti-social behaviour. At the same time, it would greatly increase creativity, productivity and resilience.

Our focus is prevention of addictive disorders, mental suffering and suicide.

Mindfulness is the best hope for the world to overcome addictive and mental disorders and is part of all modern therapies used in treating mental ‘illness’ today. Let’s keep our focus on prevention, especially in the early stages of life.

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Do you have lived experience with a desire to help others? Do you have a story to tell? Why not consider joining the team?
Mindfully Yours with Love & Respect Always! – John Shearer
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Mindfulness Mentoring Institute.

The world needs an army of Mindfulness Mentors. Be part of the solution and help bring forth the new paradigm of harmony, cooperation and love that is emerging in the world today. Take a five minute break and be still. Be alone with yourself in silence and connect deeply with who you truly are underneath it all. Search your heart and enrol if you would like to mindfully Make A Difference and learn the Keys to Mindfulness Mentoring. Join the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute today! More Info

We Need Your Help!

Our mission and objective is fuelled by your generosity, we receive no outside funding. Please donate and you will receive ‘The Mindful Way’ PDF as our way of saying Thank You! 75 pages with 33 chapters. It teaches you what mindfulness is, what mindfulness is not and how to develop a mindful practice. It is written for older teens and above, we recommend reading one chapter per week and practice. Donate via PayPal.