The Boy Who

I too have a passion for mindfulness and meditation.  My path started early because my mum is a yoga teacher and my dad was trying various meditations when I was a child. I was introduced to those techniques at a young age.

However, life happened and I went off track. I started drinking as a teenager as many do in England it’s part of the culture probably similar to Australia and 26 years later I found myself drinking daily and way too much.

I am blessed with two beautiful young sons and just before my 40th birthday I realised finally and thankfully that I really had to stop drinking to save my life. I sought help and am now a gratefully sober man, father, husband, brother and son.

After a year I quit my corporate job to try and expand along a new path, started my own little business, got more involved with service work and spirituality, started to live a more spiritual life on a daily basis including meditating everyday and practising mindfulness. Especially with my kids. When I’m with them I try my best to be more mindful and playful and enjoy the time together. I’m not perfect obviously but it’s a big improvement and feels like getting better all the time.
During a particular meditation I was inspired to write books. And now I’m publishing this kids meditation story – The Dog Who Chased His Tail. Quite a turn around really. Much happier these days and although I have less financially I’m a lot more content. And have much more time for my family.

Anyway, I was reading them lots of bedtime stories and at the same time going on more meditation retreats etc. I was in a deep meditation one day and it struck me to write a children’s book based on a zen story. I immediately wrote and later self published The Muddy Road first. It’s also on Amazon. And then I wrote The Dog Who Chased His Tail. This time with the extension of leading into a very simple meditation for children which I was doing with my kids at bedtime story time.

They seemed to like it and it made them giggle a bit so my five year old remembers it. He sometimes sings the meditation unprompted. I thought that’s a good sign and so that’s how the book came about.