When I was writing my 52 week Mentoring Service in 2017, I intentionally put what I thought was the most important insights at the beginning. Three years later, it occurred to me that the first three insights can be used as a stand-alone mindfulness-based therapy for mental or addiction disorders. I launched my creation on the seventh annual Mindfulness Day, the first Sunday in May, 2020. It works like this:

Responding to RESISTANCE



Anytime you notice your mind being resistant in an unhelpful or negative way (especially to CHANGE), use RAG to wipe your mind clean from thought. Apply acceptance to overcome your resistance and go to gratitude as a way of training your mind.
It is important to consciously take your mind to gratitude because if you don’t, there is every chance that your mind will take you straight back to where you were. When this simple therapy is practised over and over, it creates new pathways in the mind. We go from resistance to gratitude, from unhelpful to helpful, from negative to positive, from fear to love! Try it!

Every morning I start my day by connecting to our Source. I ask, “What are we doing today SOL?” (Ancient Roman word for the Sun) I pause my mind and listen deeply. On the first day of 2021, I received the message to offer a certificate for potential RAG Therapists. A simple mindfulness based therapy that can be learned in one session. The certificate will include a free listing here at mindfullyMAD.org.

Certificate cost is only AU$150 (Approx.US$115; CAD$147; GBP85; EUR95). Pay cash (local), bank transfer within Australia (e-mail for details) or simply click this PayPal button.

Thank you for making a difference in this crazy world! I will contact you within 24 hours to make a time convenient for our session.
Mindfully Yours with Love & Light Always! – John Shearer MM