My Awakening

Gooday and Welcome to My World

I was born in 1952 and experienced physical and mental abuse as a child. By the age of twelve, I was also sexually abused by a neighbour. By age fourteen, I was wagging school and out of control. By age sixteen, I was homeless, living on the streets and in […]

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Illuminating Me

Please SHARE my story of recovery for suicide prevention…5 years ago, I was on life support because I reached out for help. Starting Dec 8 2014 by going to an emergency room where I was stripped down and put in a room alone with no blanket or tv or anything…I laid there sobbing and hopeless […]

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No More Band-Aids

In 1984 I died and was resuscitated, which in itself is not that uncommon, people are revived every day now but: the event did plant the very seed that would help lead me to now practice mindfulness every day. In Jan of 2018, I tried to kill myself when that same feeling of peace washed […]

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My Mindful Journey

Many people discover “mindfulness” when they are in some sort of pain, be it physical or emotional.Mindfulness has long been taught to cancer victims and those with chronic pain but it has also been a savior for those suffering from anxiety, depression, grief and trauma.

Several years ago I was broken, I had lost all self […]

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The Ghost of Private Brown

I was at a Remembrance Day ceremony today and heard this awesome poem. After the service I met Bill Kearns -Bush Poet, the great man who wrote it and asked his permission to share it here. It is so appropriate, not only for 11-11, but for every other day of the year too. It gives you […]

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Story of Bullying to Mindfulness

My story begins as far back as I can remember around the age of 5. I had always felt kind of different from other people and I was always made fun of because of it. I remember I was always teased for being skinny and wearing second hand clothing when I was in school.  My […]

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True Mindfulness is Radical Acceptance

Dear Mindful Friends,

At the age of 6 my mother committed suicide. Since that time, I have always put any emotion or thought aside, not allowing there to be. That worked great until me and my wife lost our first-born child at 37 weeks pregnancy. I snapped, I felt emotions, I realized I had thoughts, I was diagnosed with OCD, the pure form, […]

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Shamanic View of Mental Illness

Spiritual Emergence
The terms Spiritual Emergency and Spiritual Emergence have come to my attention in recent times. There is no doubt that I have experienced spiritual emergency in what I call my ‘dark’ years (1982-1997) – I just didn’t know what to call it! The first emergency was in 1982 and I had no idea what […]

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Recovery from Addiction

I struggled with drug and alcohol abuse all through my preteen and teenage years, and part of my young adulthood. I still remember the first time I got drunk. I was only nine years old, but the memory is as vivid as if it were yesterday. I was at a family party, I was curious […]

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Near Death Experience (NDE) Narrative

I have no memory prior to the events that led up to my NDE. My husband, John, is a retired United States Marine who served 23 years active duty, now retired and disabled since January 2015.
I don’t remember wanting to overdose or even feeling depressed just prior to my overdose on September 29, 2015. I […]

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